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Bookstore Quality

Bookstore Quality

Our photo books are bookstore quality and perfect for any kind of photography project.

  • Choose from big and bold book sizes, custom linens, and Mohawk papers
  • Color printing is important to us, so we fine tune our print workflow to our downloadable ICC profile and book-making software
  • For orders of 300 or more, you can choose from a range of customization options, including foil stamping, embossing, headbands, ribbons, and custom end sheets

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Case Studies

  • Surf Culture
    Portrait Collection
    Surf Culture
    By Art Brewer
    Small Square (7×7 in., 18×18 cm)
    Brewer set up an impromptu studio in Huntington Beach to capture the local surf culture and opted for the small square format, allowing the portraits to resemble Polaroids.
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  • Zeru Zeru
    Photo Journal
    Zeru Zeru
    By Franck Vogel
    Magazine (8.5×11 in., 22×28 cm)
    In this work of activist photography, Vogel took to the magazine format—and its diverse set of layouts—to highlight the stigma of albinos (Zeru) in Tanzania, and their mistreatment.
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  • Around the World with a Toy Camera
    Photo Essay
    Around the World with a Toy Camera
    By Giorgio Giussani
    Standard Landscape (10×8 in., 25×20 cm)
    Giussani took his passion for travel and turned his trip to Chernobyl into a beautiful photo essay with images and words that come to life on bookstore-quality paper and on his iPad®.
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For a custom photo book, BookWright is the ideal tool to use.

  • Choose from a range of pre-designed templates or customize your own layouts
  • Drag and drop your images into layouts
  • Publish any print book, magazine, or ebook

  • Adobe InDesign Plug-In
    Adobe InDesign Plug-In
    Already use Adobe® InDesign®? Install our plug-in to easily create Blurb-ready blank templates for complete creative control. You can even upload your project to Blurb without leaving InDesign.
  • Adobe Lightroom
    Adobe Lightroom
    Adobe® Lightroom® makes it easy to organize and edit photos. Plus, Blurb is already integrated into the workflow, so you can make a book with drag-and-drop ease right within Lightroom.
  • Online Photo Books
    Online Photo Books
    If you want to drop your content into prebuilt layouts, Bookify is the way to go. There are many to choose from, and you can easily import your Instagram photos or those from your computer.

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